Fundamental Beliefs

  1. The Cooperative must continually strive to fulfill its mission through the services of loyal employees that are dedicated to the goals of the Cooperative.
  2. The Cooperative must develop and nourish a teamwork attitude towards accomplishing the mission. The Cooperative Wins - The Employee Wins.
  3. The Cooperative must design quality into all processes.
  4. The Cooperative must strive to buy and sell at the lowest overall cost to bring value to the membership.
  5. The Cooperative must make continuous improvement in all actions and at all levels of the organization.
  6. The Cooperative must train its employees. A skilled and loyal work force is the most valuable asset of the Cooperative.
  7. The Cooperative must institute and recognize achievement.
  8. The Cooperative must break down barriers that obstruct the obtainment of the mission. The Cooperative must break down barriers to communications. Effective communications cultivates success.
  9. The Cooperative must create a climate of trust with employees, members, and the general public.
  10. The Cooperative must create pride in doing a good job.
  11. The Cooperative will use goals and objectives to help achieve the mission, not as a basis for discipline.
  12. The Cooperative must provide competent supervision and objective feedback to employee's performances.
  13. The Cooperative should encourage continuous education of employees at institutes of higher learning.
  14. The Cooperative will establish benchmarks that help in evaluating progress.
  15. The Cooperative's accomplishments of the above beliefs will cause transformation to a system that continually improves performance.