Fees & Charges

Membership $20.00
Due date for bills 22 days after bill date
Penalty (accounts with unpaid balance after due date) 10% of 1st $30.00, plus 2% of balance
Deposit - New account (under certain conditions only) 2 times average bill
Deposit - Customers (under certain conditions only) 2 times maximum bill
Connection charge $25.00 regular hours
Meter test at member's request (when meter is found to be accurate)  
On location $35.00 plus mileage
Collection charge $25.00 regular hours
Reconnection charge $50.00 regular hours
Checks returned unpaid $30.00 each
(The returned unpaid check charge shall be the maximum collection fee amount under Ark. Code Ann. 4-60-103)  
Meter tampering service charge $79.00
Estimated bills $2.00 each
Meter reading charge (caused when bill has been estimated 2 consecutive billings) $25.00 each
Service outage (caused by failure of customer's wiring or equipment) $25.00 regular hours
Meter reseal fee $25.00
Meter loop Actual cost
Meter loop relocation $100.00
Meter loop removal $50.00
Security light relocation $50.00
Pole relocation Actual cost
Line relocation Actual cost